Friday, 4 March 2011

Morphosis - What Have We Learned [Delsin Records]

2011 is fast becoming the year of the techno album. With releases from the likes of Lucy (see the last blog post), Sawf, Perc, James Ruskin, Tommy Four Seven, Resoe to name a few.

Delsin Records have been highly busy behind the scenes getting ready for two forthcoming albums. Firstly you have 'Framework' from Mike Dehnert set to land in your local record shop on the 14th March, then you have the album we're talking about here, 'What Have We Learned' by Morphosis.

'What Have We Learned' consists of 9 tracks

a1 - Silent Screamer
a2 - Spiral
b1 - Wild In Captivity
b2 - Androids Among Us
c1 - Gate Of Night
c2 - Kawn
d1 - Dirty Matter
d2 - Ascension
d3 - Europa

Delsin have uploaded a couple of tracks from the album to their soundcloud page to show you what the album is about.... and here they are

'What Have We Learned' will be in your shops on the 11th April. More info can be found on Delsin, Morphosis and all the Delsin artists (including our next headliner, Redshape) on the Delsin Records Website or you can follow them on Twitter

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