Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mix Of The Day: Resoe - The Black Void Of Space Podcast 009

Resoe, owner of Baum Records and one have of Pattern Repeat, has been a busy man of late. His debut album 'The Black Void of Space' has just dropped on Echocord Records last month. I picked it up the other week and it's tremendous. Also the first EP, 'The Black Void Of Space' featuring a tremendous remix by Sigha, got released in December and amongst all that he still had time to record the 9th episode of his Podcast Series, 'The Black Void Of Space Podcast'. (Do you sense a theme here?)

The podcast is more of the same quality dub techno that you would of experienced from the album and his recent releases on Echocord and his own Baum Records label. You can stream or download it from the Soundcloud app below, or if you'd rather subscribe to the series in iTunes then just do a search for it. All other 8 episodes are just as good!

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