Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mix Of The Day: DVS1 fabric promo mix

DVS1 is a 20 year veteran of the Minneapolis techno scene but it's own in the last few years that his reputation has spread across the pond and he's finally getting the recognition he truly deserves. A chance meeting with Ben Klock at a party in the US has sent his career into overdrive. Releases on Klocks own Klockworks label and Derrick Mays' Transmat label has launched him into becoming a household name for techno fans, both in the US and right across Europe. So it seems only right that he makes his UK debut and on the 5th March he'll do just that at fabric in room 2 alongside Ben Klock.

fabric caught up with him recently for a chat and he's recorded a promo mix for the central London club which they've released on their blog. You can download the mix from the link below

You can also read the interview with the man himself on the fabric blog page

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