Thursday, 9 May 2013

Oscar Mulero - Transversal EP (Truncate & Sleeparchive Remixes) [Modularz 11]

American based record label, Modularz, have found their way on to their 11th release since it's conception in 2006. The imprint, which has already seen the likes of Developer, Silent Servant, Jeroen Search, Shifted, Stanislav Tolkachev, Jonas Kopp and more, invited Spanish based producer Oscar Mulero to join their ever increasing family.

The end result is the Transversal EP. Two original tracks from Mulero and two remixes, one from Truncate and one from Sleeparchive. The EP kicks off with the original of 'Rótula'. Metallic percussion overlays trembling basslines and stuttering delayed stabs. Truncate's version of 'Rótula' takes a more stripped down, slightly sedated approach whilst still maintaining the originals intensity. The B Side sees Mulero continue the same theme with 'Transversal'. High energy and hypnotic rhythms oscillate amongst each other. Finally Sleeparchive's take on 'Transversal' rounds of the release perfectly with typical Germanic precision engineering. Check out the samples from the soundcloud player below

The EP will be available on both vinyl and digital in June. More info on Oscar Mulero can be found on his Facebook Fan Page. For Modularz, head to their Website and back to Facebook for Truncate and Sleeparchive. If you want to catch Oscar Mulero performing live he'll be in Germany tomorrow and Poland on Saturday. A full list of his gigs can be found on his Resident Advisor Page

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