Friday, 12 April 2013

Jeroen Search: Captured in one take

As many of you will know, our last SDD Podcast was recorded by one of the brightest jewels in the Dutch techno crown, Jeroen Search. The man, who's spent the last 20 years honing his talents and building his reputation worldwide as a DJ, producer and label owner, provided us with a sensational mix to add to our ever expanding series, but we wanted to get to know a little bit more about him, so we got together and fired a few questions at him. Here's what he had to say....

1) ) We're now a quarter of the way through 2013, how's it been for you so far?

Well 2013 has been great so far, lots of producing, had some great liveset experiences and lots more coming up… The A&S imprint is really doing well and it’s growing with each release so no complaints from my side in 2013 so far!

2) You've recently recorded our 18th podcast. How did you put the mix together?

It’s a studio mix using cdj’s only, recorded in one take.

3) The worldwide techno scene is in the midst of a current resurgence and Holland seems to be one of the main driving forces behind this. What, for you, has been the contributing factors behind it and what effect has it had on you personally?

I feel techno is more appreciated nowadays than for instance a few years back, because a lot of the big names have been promoting and playing more and more techno so people get more or less used to it.

For me personally it is very nice to be an actual part of this resurgence and it feels like my music is finally getting the appreciation that I think it deserves. I have been doing this for quite a long time now, my first record was released in 1994 and I managed to maintain my own specific sound for all those years.

4) So who will be the next wave of Dutch talent we should all look out for?

I’m a big fan of the ESHU crew, really like what they are doing music wise and on stage
There’s a lot more Dutch talent and abroad for sure.

5) We hear you're working away in the studio on some new material, what do we have to look forward to?

Just signed 2 new solo releases and info about those will be available shortly, working on some remixes, new A&S in progress and working on an album with Dimi (Angelis), so there’s a lot to look forward to.

6) Can you talk us through the way you work in the studio?

In the studio I use hardware so no vst/plugins, I really like to be able to touch the machines instead of watching a screen and using a mouse. I record everything in one take doing all edits (tweaking, efxs and muting the channels) live when recording.

Funny detail: there’s no chair in front of my mixing desk so I’m making some great dancing moves when producing music. For me it’s all about trying to capture a certain emotion/feel/moment.

Thanks again to Jeroen for the amazing podcast and giving us a little insight into his mind. If you missed the Podcast first time round you can listen or download it from the Soundcloud player below, or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.

For more info on Jeroen Search, head over to his Facebook Fan Page. If you happen to be in Amsterdam tomorrow night you'll be lucky enough to be able to catch him perform live with Dimi Angelis, under their Counterpart alias, as part of the huge Henk In De Fabriek festival which also includes the likes of Function, Tobias and Kassem Mosse. Full event info on and tickets on the Henk Website

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