Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dasha Rush - Relativismi [Sonic Groove 1150]

In the world of techno you get DJs who are producers and you get DJs who are artists. Dasha Rush is definitely the latter. Originally from Russia, her journey has taken her around the world to places like Paris, Japan, London and now Berlin. Her early work saw her collaborate with theatre performers as part of gallery exhibitions. It was here that the connection with the emotional side of techno blossomed.

The last few years have seen Dasha set up her own label, Fullpanda Records, and sub label, Hunger To Create. As well as appearing on labels like Tok Tok, Gynoid Audio, Temp Records and Sonic Groove as well as releasing music with Lars Hemmerling under the name of Lada.

It's Adam X's Sonic Groove label which she returns to for this next release. 'Relativismi' is made of 3 tracks of encapsulating techno. Waves of dreamy soundscapes come and go to transport you to a completely alternative state of mind. Patient programming adds to the tension stirs emotions deep from within. Check out the samples below

The track is out now on vinyl and download. We seriously recommend you go get it. Updates on Dasha's tracks and gigs can be found on here Facebook Fan Page. If you want to catch her perform, she'll be in Taiwan on Saturday (10th Dec) playing for Smoke Machine & Bass Kitchen at The Wall (RA Page) and then she'll be back in Berlin for dates at Suicide Circus on the 17th (RA Page) and Tresor on the 23rd (RA Page)

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