Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Plex / Colony / Machine @ Corsica Studios (28th Oct 11)

On Monday we brought you news of a huge line up taking place in Berlin on Friday. Today we switch our attentions back home and have what's probably the biggest techno line up of he year. This Friday London promotions Plex, Colony and Machine join forces for a humongous party at one of our favourite venues, Corsica Studios.

From somewhere, the South London club have magic'd a third room, and it's wall to wall quality across all 3, starting with the main room and Plex celebrating their 5th birthday. Live sets are the order of the day and you can look forward to performances from some SDD favourites in the shape of Ancient Methods and Perc with live support from Neil Landstrumm and Matt Whitehead and DJ support from Dask, Luke Handsfree and James Tec.

Room 2 is Colony with the excellent Andy Stott live, Peverelist and The Village Orchestra (Live) and of course backed up by Colony's own MB & CB.

Finally Room 3 sees Machine complete the line up with a bit of help of UK techno pioneer, Surgeon, and NYC pioneer Adam X makes his first return to London since his UK debut appearance of Traversable Wormhole for us last year at the Hub Club. As if 2 techno legends for 1 room wasn't enough, they'll be supported by Machine mainstays, Ben Sims and Kirk Degiorgio. And all night your heads will be further twisted by visuals by MOX.

As you can probably imagine, with a line up like this, tickets are gone, but fear not as there will be some available on the door. Check out the RA event page to get all the info you'll need on the night.

The set times look like this

22:00-00:00 - Dask
00:00-01:00 - Matt Whitehead - Live
01:00-02:00 - Neil Landstrumm - Live
02:00-03:00 - Luke Handsfree
03:00-04:00 - James Tec
04:00-06:00 - Ancient Methods - Live/DJ
06:00-Close - Perc - Live/DJ


22:00-00:00 - Tengui
00:00-01:00 - Andy Stott - Live
01:00-03:00 - Peverelist
03:00-04:00 - TVO - Live
04:00-06:00 - MB & CB


22:00-01:30 - Ben Sims
01:30-03:00 - Adam X
03:00-04:30 - Surgeon
04:30-06:00 - Kirk Degiorgio

More info on all parties involved can be found on their Facebook fan pages

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