Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sandwell District to release debut album 'Feed-Forward'

Sandwell District have announced details for their first artist album, Feed-Forward, slated for release this month.

As a label and as an artist collective, Sandwell District have become a favorite among techno connoisseurs over the past few years, both for their epic DJ sets and purist-leaning 12-inches. Feed-Forward features production work from all three of the outfit's core artists: Dave Sumner, AKA Function, Karl O'Conner, AKA Regis and Juan Mendez, AKA Silent Servant, with contributions from Female. Its nine tracks follow the same blueprint as much of the group's work to date, melding steely techno beats with strings, field recordings and abstract semi-hooks. The album consists entirely of unreleased material and will see release on CD and triple-vinyl. Rather than committing to a specific release date, Sumner says the album will simply "appear" at some point this month.

01. Immolare (First)
02. Immolare (Main)
03. Immolare (Final)
04. Grey Cut Out
05. Hunting Lodge
06. Falling the Same Way
07. Svar
08. Double Day
09. Speed + Sound

The album will be released at some point this month and will be available from the usual outlets. Keeping tabs on Sandwell District isn't always that easy but adding Function on Myspace

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