Friday, 30 July 2010

Horizontal Ground 05

Normally I'd like to waffle about the history of the label or the artists, but unfortunately there is none for Horizontal Ground. Expect it's some way related to the Frozen Border Label and they've released 5 EPs. No website, no myspace page. An e-mail address and a logo. That's all you're getting. What this does do is allow them to focus purely on creating music to pass the night away with.

The artists names consist of some bizarre code of numbers and most of the tracks don't even have names, but one thing you can be sure of is quality. The brilliance lies in the subtlety. Atmospheric grooves with tremendous detail on the percussion.

The whole series has attracted the attention of Techno Underground scene in a big way. I'm sure someone knows who's behind it, but everyone's remaining very tight lipped.

You can listen to samples here

The EP is in stores and available to buy at

Normally I like to finish with some links for more information, but there isn't any so............?

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