Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Brendon Moeller - From My Hood To Yours - The Realm DJ Mix

I can think of a lot worse things to arrive at work too than a mix from Brendon Moeller, infact i'd say that's one of the finer things in life! The American, who's living in Europe over the summer, has been in fine form recently with great releases as himself and The Ecologist. We've got a remix he did for us coming out soon on Lost Souls recordings that we're all very excited about. Not to mention his amazing live set at fabric last month.

But with this Brendon flexes his dj muscles to provide 50 mins of what he classes as ' Dub, Beats & Psyhcedelic Hip Hop'


1. microfilm - a journey to the 75th - 04 - inouwali
2. rod modell - Subway
3. Calibre_-_Steptoe
4. disrupt- Berzerk dub
5. slugabed -Pressure
6. beastie boys - Your Sisters Def (acapella)
7. King Tubby - Forever Dub
8. rene roussel - Noctilucque
9. dj collection:dbridge_instramental_and_skream-acacia_avenue
10. dorian concept - When Planets Explode
11. Cluster - Hollywood
12. King Midas Sound - Ting Dub
13. Jacky Murda - Three Piece Suit
14. tussle - Meh-Teh
15. Ratatat - Mirando (Animal Collective remix)
16. Harmonic 313 - Cyclotron
17. Illum_Sphere_-_Go_Killum
18. thomas brinkmann - 10
19. mike slott -Sun_Tan
20. madlib-Open (Space)
21. milton bradley - Somewhere+Beyond+My+Illusion
22. ballistic bros. - Uschi's Groove

You can follow Brendon on Soundcloud and Twitter and add him as a friend on Myspace

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